We Create Awesome Stuff

We Dream

During the intervening 33 years, many changes have taken place, such as new facilities, machinery, and product design to enhance and meet constant demand from consumers for greater office efficiency and style.

We Sketch

Through the years, we have offered an ever-widening selection of office furniture and office seating to accommodate the discerning requirements and tastes of our customers.

We Design

A vast array of finish selections, hardware choices, edge details, and custom options enable you to find the perfect office furniture for your style and personality. Our reputation stands on this, as well as our commitment to using the best materials and highest quality construction methods.

How We Work

We believe space and culture are game-changing ingredients for companies young and old, large and small.


Answer a few quick questions about your space and then schedule a call with one of our space planners.


During our initial call, we’ll learn what we need to know in order to plan the perfect space for you.


We’ll present you with a couple of options for your new space, both tailored to the way that you work.


We’ll then deliver your plan and design options to you, along with a custom quote.

Who We Are

We are Creative Team located in Sharja, UAE.

Alexandria Established In: 1984

Experience: More than 30 years

Workforce in UAE: More than 100 Skilled Workers

Stores & Office Area: More than 40,000.00 sq.ft

Market Interested : GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)


We Are Here For You

Our Office Furniture Service has been in business since 1985, providing installation of office furniture and systems in Gulf area. From an Office in your Home, to Large Corporations, we have done it all! We offer New Installation, Relocation Services, Reconfiguration and Storage.

We Design

Your office should tell the story of who you are, and be acollection of what represent you.

We Create

To create something exceptional, mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.

We Deliver

If we make the customer a promise, we give the earliest delivery consistent with quality.

We Support

You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.

Creating a higher standardAlways there for youFeel the differenceThe true definition of luxury. Yours.We Are Creative

— Words from the ALEXANDRIA team —


We Make Our Customers Happy

If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing, and we CAN.
Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.


We research to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.


We design a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.


We create your own visual style. let it be unique for yourself and yet Breathtaking for others.


We give a First-class delivery of our products


Let's talk about your project.

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Office 101, Street 10, Industrial Area 15
29226 Sharjah –UAE